Ideas for how to use Lemon Balm

I have some nice patches of lemon balm in my herb garden. I usually only make tea from it, but The Nerdy Farm Wife has some other great ideas on her blog post here.

12 Things To Do With Lemon Balm

credit The Nerdy Farm Wife


Lemon Balm Tea

At our old house we had lemon balm growing. I loved the smell of it when we accidentally mowed over some of it, but I never really took advantage of using it the way I could have! After moving to our new homestead, I realized that I had missed out on all the good properties of lemon balm, and found some plants on sale last year at a garden sale. They came back up very nicely this year in my herb garden off the side of our deck, and now after reading this lovely post from The Simple Times, I look forward to utilizing this fragrant and useful herb!


photo credit ~ the simple times